design for all in Austria

design for all in Austria was a not-for-profit membership organisation that existed from 2006 until 2022. It was dedicated to promoting a Design for All approach in all aspects of development and design.
Members were professionals in the fields of architecture, design, planning or facility management as well as companies in trade and industry.

The broad base of knowledge represented within the association allowed design for all to offer consultancy, development and evaluation services through its members for:
• the built environment,
• product, service and interaction design and
• information design.
As an association we developed and delivered demand-oriented training, we co-developed projects that promote Design for All and we were partners in subject-related research activities.

Executive Board members were most recently Veronika Egger, Lisa Ehrenstrasser, Christian Höfner and Peter Spitaler.
Board members worked on a voluntary basis, the association did not receive any public funding.

design for all was a member of:
EIDD, Design for All Europe
Institut für Universal Design e.V.
European Network for Accessible Tourism.

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